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Advantages and Disadvantages of the Internet

Advantages of the Internet

(i). One can download (copy) information from a Website.

(ii). The Internet has enabled the interlinking of people worldwide globally.

(iii). It is convenient in the sense that you can access data 24 Hrs.

(iv). It is cheap, i.e., the operational cost that one may incur is low.

(v). It has brought in the technology of doing the following; E-learning, E-Agriculture, E commerce, E-governance, etc.

(vi). Provides up-to-date information.

(vii). It doesn't require a lot of training to browse.

(viii). It provides entertainment facilities.

(ix). Can be used for research.

(x). Brings harmony in the world, because people can communicate and exchange ideas.

(xi). The Internet can be accessed at any part of the world.

(xii). There is always a full backup provided by the Servers, hence no data loss.

(xiii). It's a fast way of communicating.

(xiv). It provides an easy way to use offers in Information and products. Internet provides information from almost all parts of the world that you need in order to make accurate and informed decisions.

Disadvantages of Internet
  • The cost of the Internet Service Provider is high.
  • It is leading to exposure of morally harmful shows such as Pornography.
  • It leads to spread of viruses.
  • Has proved to be unreliable especially accessing information.
  • No copyright rules meant to protect the property of an organization.
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