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Internet Services

The following are some of the services offered by Internet;

(i). Electronic mail (e-mail).

(ii). Fax services.

(iii). Conference services.

(iv). Online chatting.

(v). Downloading of programs.

(vi). Online shopping.

(vii). File transfer.

(viii). Entertainment (Games, Music and Movies).

(ix). Free information retrieval (e.g., Educational information).

(x). Formation of Discussion groups, e.g. Usenet Newsgroups.

(xi). Video Conferencing.

(xii). Access & Use of other computers.

Importance of services provided on the Internet

The services offered by the Internet can be used as important tools in various ways;

1). As a research tool

To learn about new developments or products, competitors, market news and customer opinions.

2). As an advertising trading tool

To help in selling goods or delivering information through the Web pages to customers on a 24-hour basis.

3). As a communication tool

To support communication with customers, suppliers or staff through Electronic mail (email).

4). As an Entertainment channel

Most of the Games, Movies, and Television theme songs are available for free on the Internet.

In addition, you can have live, interactive conversations with people around the world including celebrities.

Users of the Internet

Considering the facilities & the various tools offered, the Internet has attracted among others the following users;

1. Researchers can get information.

2. Writers and Scientists use the Internet to compile, compare and analyse their work.

3. Individuals use the Internet for their work or to communicate with each other.

4. People with the same interests can share ideas.

5. Large organizations use the Internet to communicate with each other, and also to keep in touch with subordinate (subsidiary) companies or their suppliers.

6. Students can communicate and gather information.

7. Business people can advertise, communicate and sell their goods.

8. Sales people use the Internet to keep in touch with their home offices.

9. Buyers can do their shopping online.
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