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How to get a free CRB report and Clearance Certificate

If you are invited for an interview by the county government or national government and you are required to present CRB clearance certificate where do you get it?

First it is good to know CRB stands for Credit Reference Bureau. It is a requirement for all financial institutions to submit a list of all people they have extended credit to every month. The list includes name, idno, amount borrowed, date of borrowing, payment date and if the loan is late in payment the number of days it is late.

The list from the financial institution is submitted to the approved credit bureaus. In Kenya we have only three licensed credit bureaus, that is, Transunion (https://www.transunionafrica.com/kenya), Metropol (https://www.metropol.co.ke/) and Creditinfo (https://ke.creditinfo.com/).

If you want to get CRB CERTIFICATE you can use any of the above mentioned bureau. In this case, I will use Transunion. The easiest route to take is go to your google play store on your smartphone and download Nipashe app which is developed by Transunion. Register in the app using your email (this is where you will be sent the certificate) and your id number. Once you have registered on the app activate it by paying ksh50/= using the paybill number that is on the app.

Once the app is activated you can see your credit score, that is whether you are negatively listed or not. If your score is good you can proceed on the same app to apply for a clearance certificate. The charges for a certificate ranges from ksh2200/= to ksh2500/=. On Transunion nipashe app you can get a free CRB report and certificate on the first registration.
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