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This is how you design business cards, small harambee cards, School badge, etc.

 Step 1

Open publisher as shown below

Step 2
Click built-in and you will be directed as shown below

Step 3
Click on business cards and you will land on the page below

Step 4
While on the above page, scroll down and go to Blank Sizes as shown below

Step 5
On the Blank Sizes click ether East Asian size (3.583x2.165) or European size (3.346x2.165) or North American size (3.5x2). On this case I have chosen European size, then click create and you will be directed as shown below.

Step 6
You can now write the text and insert images that you want to appear on your business card, small harambee cards, Badge or anything you want to design of the size of a business card. In this case, I will design a business card as shown below.

Step 7
The benefit of using this procedure is that when you want to print the business card on an A4 paper there will be 10 cards on each paper as shown below.

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