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How to file KRA nil returns

All Kenyans with a KRA pin are supposed to file returns between 01/01/20XX and 30/06/20XX. Failure to do so attracts a penalty of 2,000/=.

NB: in 2023 we are filing tax for 2022 income.

Those who did not have any income are supposed to file nil returns (what people call zero returns). This is the procedure of filing nil returns 20XX.

Step 1

Go to itax using the link https://itax.kra.go.ke/KRA-Portal/ you will land on the below page. Enter you KRA pin and click continue.

Step 2

Once you click continue on the above step you are directed to the below page.

Here you input your itax password and answer the security stamp arithmetic and then click login as shown below.

NB: If you do not have itax password login the email on your KRA pin and look for the password there or you click forget password and reset the password using the password which will be sent to your email.

Step 3

Once you click login you are directed to the below page.

Here you go to where we have Return, on pointing Returns with your cursor you will see File nil returns as shown below, click it

Step 4

Once you click File nil returns on the above step you are directed to the below page.

Here you select tax obligation which is Income Tax – Resident Individual and then click next

Step 5

Once you click next in the above step you will land on the below page.

Here you click submit.

NB: If you have never filed return and you had a KRA pin before 2015 you start from 2015 and the system will impose a penalty of 2,000/= per year. If you have skipped filing return the system will show you the year you will start filing returns. If you registered your pin in 2021 your Return Period From date will be the date you registered your pin.

Step 6

Once you click submit from the above step a pop up message appears on your screen as shown below. Click OK

Last Step

Once you click ok the return is submitted and you are directed to the below page.

Here click Download Return Receipt, go to your download folder and you will get a pdf named receipt as shown below.

That is, it. You have filed your return 2022.
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