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How to download from YouTube

It is very possible to download movies, clips and music from the YouTube. The first step is to search what you want to download e.g.

What a Beautiful Name by Hillsong


The second step is to add double ss on the url  before the word YouTube eg for the song above the url will be


Then click enter.


You will be redirected here


On this page where there is download you can chose to download 720 or 360 depending on the quality you want. I will choose 360 for this case.

Once I chose mp4 360 I will be redirected  here

On this page is now where you download what you want. Point on the movie screen and you will see.



Click on the 3 dots on the right bottom corner and you will see the download, click        download.



That is it….the music, clip, movie will be saved on your download folder.


You will see it download on the left bottom part of your computer or laptop. You can now play the music from your device anytime you want.


You can also transfer the music to your flash disk,  memory card or in your phone.


If you want to play the downloaded music on your DVD player and it does not, then convert the format of the downloaded music or movie. E.g.  One can change the song we have downloaded from MP4 to avi using the software’s available on the net or online.

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