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Sample of Constitution of Self Help Group

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The name of the Group shall be “BARAKA MEN INVESTMENT SELF HELP GROUP”

hereinafter referred to as “The Group”


The objects of the Group shall be:

· To create an enabling platform through which members can make savings.

· To enable members, acquire credit facilities.

· To establish a forum that will create a network and effective communication among members.

· To remain non-political.


· Any person over the age of eighteen (18) years who shares the above interests and shows commitment shall be eligible for membership of the Group and shall, subject to approval of the office bearers, become a member on payment of the prescribed membership fee.

· Every applicant is required to fill in Membership application form on joining the Group.

· The Group attracts a minimum of Ten (10) and a maximum of Thirty (100) members.

· Every member shall make a minimum weekly contribution.

· Office bearers may refuse admission to a person after assigning reasons for their decision.

· Membership of the group shall cease with effect from the date of a member’s:

ü Death

ü Withdrawal

ü Expulsion from Group

ü Becoming certifiably insane

ü Being declared bankrupt in a Court of Law

· Any member can be expelled from membership if the office bearers so recommends and if a General meeting of the Group shall resolve by two thirds majority that such a member should be expelled on the grounds that his/her conduct has adversely affected the reputation and dignity of the Group

· In case a member ceases to be a group member 10% of her saving will be deducted and held by the group.


· Every member shall nominate a nominee in writing as his/ her nominee to whom, on his/ her death, deposits shall be vested and such appointments shall be attested by two witnesses who are members of the group.

· In the event of death of a member, the group after satisfying itself and after obtaining such documentary proof of the death of a member as it may consider necessary, shall pay to the nominee the value the value of the deceased member’s deposits, after deducting such sums as may be due by the member to the group, as soon as possible.


· The office bearers of the Group shall be

i. The chairman

ii. Vice –Chairman

iii. The secretary

iv. Assistant Secretary

v. The treasurer

vi. Vice-Treasurer

· All office bearers shall be elected at Annual General Meeting (AGM) to be held each year and shall hold the office till the succeeding AGM subject to the adhering to the groups rules and regulation and shall be eligible for re- election.

· Any office bearer who ceases to be a member of the Group shall automatically cease to be an office bearer thereof.

· Office bearers may be removed from office due to gross misconduct. The office bearers may co-opt on temporary basis any member to fill such vacancy in event of such occurrence.


5.1.1. Chairman

· The Chairman shall unless prevented by illness or other sufficient cause, preside over all meetings of the committee and at all General meetings

· The Chairman, or in his absence, the Vice-Chairman shall preside at every General Meeting. In their absence, any member elected by majority of those present shall preside.

5.1.2. Vice-Chairman

· The vice-chairman shall perform any duties as assigned to him/her by the chairman.

· In the absence of the chairman the vice-chairman shall chair all session. He shall deputize the chairman in all occasions.

5.1.3. Secretary

· The Secretary shall deal with all the correspondence of the Group under the general supervision of the committee. In case of urgent matters where the committee cannot be consulted, he shall consult the chairman or if he is not available the vice-chairman. The decision reached shall be subject to ratification or otherwise at the next committee meeting.

· He/she shall issue notices convening all meetings of the committee and all General meetings of the Group and shall be responsible for keeping minutes of all such meetings and for the preservations of all records of proceedings of the Group and the Committee.

5.1.4. Assistant Secretary

· In the absence of the Secretary, the Assistant Secretary shall perform all the duties of the Secretary and such other duties as shall be assigned to him by the Secretary or the Committee whether the Secretary is present or not.

· In the absence of the secretary shall perform the duties of the secretary.

5.1.5. Treasurer

· The Treasurer shall receive and disburse, under the direction of the committee, all monies belonging to the Group and shall issue receipt for all moneys received by him or her and preserve vouchers for all moneys paid out.

· The Treasurer is responsible to the committee and the members that proper books of account of all moneys received and paid by the Group are written up, preserved and available for inspection.

· The treasure shall ensure that all payment and expenditures are duly authorized.

· The treasurer shall ensure compliance with all directives of the management committee.

5.1.6. Assistant Treasurer

· The assistant treasurer shall perform such duties as may be specifically assigned to him/her by the Treasurer or by the committee

· In the absence of the Treasurer shall perform the duties of the Treasurer.


· There shall be two classes of General Meetings; Annual General Meetings and Special General Meetings.

· The Annual general meetings shall be held not later than 30th September every year. Notice in writing of such Annual general meetings, accompanied by the annual statement of account and the agenda for the meeting shall be sent to all members not less than 21 days before the date of the meeting.

· The agenda for any annual general meeting shall consist of the following:

ü Confirmations of the minutes of the previous meetings

ü Consideration of accounts.

ü Election of the office bearers and committee members.

ü Such other matters as the committee may decide or as to which a member or members shall have given notice in writing to the secretary at least four (4) weeks before the date of the meeting.

ü Any other business with the approval of the chairman

· The committee may call for Special general meeting for any specific purpose. Notice in writing of such meetings shall be sent to members 7 days before the date thereof.

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