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10 Websites that Kenyans Should Know About

When you are in a place with free internet or when you have a phone with internet access which sites do you visit? Here are a number of websites that Kenyan should know about.

1. ECITIZEN; this is the site that one can access government services like police clearance certificate (good conduct), renewal driving license, register marriage, business name and company, access Helb clearance certificate, apply passport, search land ownership and who owns registered businesses, etc. the Ecitizen link is here.

2. TIMS; this is the site for NTSA services such as applying smart driving license, transferring motor vehicle ownership, searching who own a given vehicle, confirming in charge, motor vehicle inspection (new, change of particular and annual) booking, etc. the link to TIMS is here.

3. CRB; we have 3 companies that offer CRB services in Kenya, that is Metropol, TransUnion and CreditInfo. Any of this company can provide you with a CRB clearance certificate.

4. PSC; this is the site that government advertises available jobs and internships in public sector. check here

5. ITAX ; this is where you register KRA PIN, file returns, pull tax compliance certificate, etc. if one is looking for job opportunities in KRA organization, he or she should check on KRA website and not on itax.

6. TSC; this is the site that one can access information relating to teachers. On this site we have 3 important links that teachers should be aware of: T-PAY, where teachers pull pay slips, T-PAD, where teachers record their performance online, and TEACHERSONLINE, where college and university graduates apply for TSC number, etc.

7. GHRIS; this is where government employees (counties and national government) pull their pay slips, except teachers employed by TSC.

8. National Employment Authority; this is where private and public entities advertise for available jobs. This site is like PSC but it incorporates private sector; both local and international.

9. KYEOP; this is the site where youths can apply for free training and business grants. This is site that every youth in Kenya should keep checking for available opportunities.

10. AGPO; this is the site where youths, women and persons with disabilities can access available tenders. This is the site where AGPO certificate is applied.

Hope you have leant something!!!
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