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How to Apply KRA Tax Compliance Certificate (TCC)

After writing how to get CRB Clearance Certificate someone asked me, “and how do you get the KRA Compliance Certificate (TCC)?”

This is how you go about it. First you must have a KRA pin to get the compliance certificate. If you do not have KRA pin you can apply for it and still be able to get compliance certificate on the same day.

Secondly, if you have a KRA pin you must have been filing your returns on time, that is between January and June every year. KRA does not issue compliance certificate to people whose pin has pending unfiled returns especially VAT obligation and those with pending payments, unless at times when their system is out of order.

To get the KRA compliance certificate go to itax portal using the link https://itax.kra.go.ke/KRA-Portal/ as shown below.

On the above page enter your KRA pin and click continue and you will land on the below page.

On the above page enter your password and answer the security question and then click Login. You will be directed to the below page.

Once, logged in go to where you will see certificates as shown below

On the above page on the drop down menu click apply tax compliance certificate (TCC) and you will be directed to the below page.

Note: If you had pulled the compliance certificate and it is not expired, that is, it has not been used for a whole year, you click Consult and Reprint TCC

On the above page click ok and you will be on the page below.

On the above page choose the reason of applying the tax compliance certificate as shown below.

On the above webpage click submit and you will be directed to the page below.

On the above page go to where you see click here to download Tax compliance certificate. Click the number that starts with KRA............. and tax compliance certificate will be downloaded to your download folder as shown below.

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