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How to Design a Professional Poster


1.     A computer or laptop with Microsoft publisher

2.     Internet connection

Open your publisher and determine whether you need a portrait or landscape poster. Also chose the size of the poster you want. In this case I want to design a poster of A3 size (choose this on page design tab. Where we have size and remember to remove all margin) and portrait orientation. I will use the photos on the internet. I have chosen to design a poster for an artist, Phyllis Mbuthia, whom I assume is having a launch of her song NII NINGUI (available on the YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eWpocuARDT8)


Get the photos you want to use ready.

I have chosen to use the below photo from the internet.


Remove the background of your photos.

Go to the internet and search remove background. You will find many sites where you can remove the photos background.

In this case I have chosen removebg (https://www.remove.bg/) as shown below. You only upload the photo and after the background is removed download it.


Insert the photos as shown below and arrange them as you want.

Insert text boxes for writing the text you want to appear in your poster as shown above

In this case I have chosen Edwardian Script IT theme font size 100 for the heading.


Assume the artist will be accompanied by other artists during the launch as it is the norm. You can add a few photos of them on the poster. In this case I have chosen to add Sammy Irungu, Hellen Muthoni and Joy Janet (All these photos are from the internet and backgrounds are removed. See above. Remember It is good to crop images well and utilize send backward and bring forward tools.


If you are satisfied with the look of your poster save it as pdf and it will be ready for printing. At this stage you can decide to change the background colour of your poster. Just go to the internet and search background as shown below.

Choose the background you want and save it. To change background on publisher, go to page design tab, then to background, more background, picture, insert picture from and choose the picture you have saved. For this case I have chosen as shown below.

That is how you design posters!

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