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Sample of Group Minutes

Minutes of Men of Faith Self Help Group That Was Held On Monday 17/01/2022 at 3:00PM

Members present

1. John Mbuthia

2. Johnson Kamau

3. Martin Mwangi

4. Harun Githaiga

5. Hagai Muchiri

6. Moses Mwangi

7. List continues

Absent with Apology

1. Patrick Kamau

2. List continues

Absent Without Apology

1. Francis Kinyanjui

2. Kelvin Njoroge

7. List continues


1. Election of office bearers

2. Meeting venue

3. Group registration

4. Contributions

5. Meeting rules

The meeting was opened with a word of prayer that was led by Moses Mwangi.

Minute 1/21/2022 Election of Office Bearers

The election of the group office bearers was held and the following were elected as group officials:

1. Johnson Kamau       Chair Person

2. Martin Mwangi        Vice Chair Person

3. Harun Githaiga         Secretary

4. Peter Njoroge          Vice Secretary

5. Hagai Muchiri         Treasurer

Minute 1/22/2022 Group Meeting

The group meetings will be held at members’ homes every 2nd Sunday of the month at 3:00PM.

Minute 1/23/2022 Group Registration

The group members agreed to register the group with the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Development.

Minute 1/24/2022 Contributions

The members agreed to be contributing ksh500/= in every meeting. Failure to make contribution attract a penalty of ksh100/=.

Minute 1/25/2022 Meeting rules
  • Lateness fine is ksh100/=
  • Receiving or making a call in the meeting fine ksh100/=
  • Noise making fine ksh100/=
  • Every member has a right to talk and be listened.
  • Apology accepted is only in case of sickness, death or church activities.

Being no other business the meeting was adjourned at 5:00PM with a word of prayer from Hagai Muchiri. The next meeting will be on next month.

Minutes compiled by Harun Githaiga              Signature:…………………………

Minutes confirmed by ……………………… Signature: …………………….......

If you want this minutes in Microsoft word format @ ksh150/= WhatsApp us on 0712154328
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