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Who should file KRA returns?

If one has a KRA pin the time for filing returns for 2020 is between 01/01/2021 and 30/06/2021. Failure to file returns within that time attracts a penalty of ksh2000/=. But the best thing is KRA does not go home to home to collect this penalty money. Now, who should file returns?

The number one person to file return should be the person who is looking forward to apply for a job or a tender with a government institution. This is because the person will be asked to produce Tax compliance certificate of which one cannot get without filing returns except a time like this when the KRA system is faulty and is issuing compliance certificate to all people (but not to people with VAT tax obligation). But, since Kenya we do confirm whether these certificates are fake or genuine one can use “doctored” tax compliance and still get tender or a job.

The second person to file the return should be a person engaging in alcoholic drinks. Almost all counties require the bar owners to produce tax compliance certificate when applying for the business license. But, who verifies the legitimacy of these certificates? Do the county government have internet and employees willing to verify application documents? I do not know how they know real and fake (but if you want to know whether its fake or real use this link https://itax.kra.go.ke/KRA-Portal/ and click or tap where it is written TCC/Exemption/Excise License Checker), but I know of people who have used bogus tax compliance certificates and ended up being given licenses.

The last person who should file KRA return is the person who sees the future. We do not know the policies that will be effected in the future. For example, what if tax compliance will be made mandatory when applying for documents like title deed, driving license, passport and the like as it’s the case when applying for NCA certificate. Such are the reasons that should compel those who see tomorrow to file returns.

If you do not fall in any of the above group do not file your KRA returns. Let KRA penalize you 2000/= per year till they become tired.

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