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This is How you Register a Self Help Group



  • Filled application form. Download it here
  • Group meeting minutes (there must be an agenda of  members agreeing to register the group with Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Development.)
  • List of the group members with the following columns (Name, Position, Id No, Telephone, Age and Signature). The group members should be at least 10 people.

  • Group constitution (see the format of the group constitution below)

Once you have the requirements you need to take them to the nearest social protection offices for registration (these offices are majorly at Sub County offices).

You will pay ksh1000/= for registration.

Group registration process takes one day.

NB: Group certificate is renewed every year. Check at the back of the certificate to see where it has a recent stamp. Once you get group certificate you can visit KRA offices for group pin.

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