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This is How you Check How Many Sim Cards are Registered Using your ID Number ( Safaricom & Airtel)

Do you know fraudsters steal people’s identity card numbers and go ahead to register fraudulent sim cards? How many sim cards are registered using your identity card number? Do you know you can be held responsible for fraud cases you are not aware of because your identity card number was involved? Leave that alone there are people who are listed with CRB because of loans they are not aware of, but, the loan was accessed via a number registered using one's identity cared number.

It now possible to check the number of sim cards (numbers)  registered using your identity card number. On your own sim card dial *106#. If you are using Safaricom sim card you will get the below menu.

Select option one and you will get all the numbers registered using your identity card number as shown below.

If you see a number you do not know you can go back to step one and choose report unknown number and the number will be blocked forever.

For Airtel you dial *106#, then select ID and then enter your id number. You will receive an SMS listing all the numbers registered using your id number.
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