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Christian Inspirations Books

 Book 1: Manna With Life

This book is all about a Godly living. It is for cultivating the values that leads to a peaceful life. It has been as a result of having a daily walk with God. A closer look at the problems in the society we are living in motivated the writing of this book. We have challenges in all life setups that human intelligence have and will never solve; but the answer is in God and His way of life. It is only a walk with Him will cure what medical pursuit, religion, traditional sacrifices and all what human wisdom cannot. It is with an eagle eye that this book came to be. The words in this book are from an irresistible inner voice.

Book 2: Manna With Life
When we fail to feed our bodies, we become weak. When we fail to take care of our souls; the inner person cripples. This is the idea that brought forth this book. It is meant for taking care of our spirits. It is manna because we need to feed our hearts with life giving content every day. This book contains words that will heal broken hearts, change the path of the lost souls and strengthen the weak spirits.

Book 3: Jewels of the Mighty
A jewel is a precious possession. Those who wear it stand out among their equals. It is a symbol of fame and ability. Good values are like gems and this book is all about them. The lessons in this book are ornaments that will beautify the lives of men and women who will accept to live them. They will empower common people to do great things. Blessed is the person who will embrace these powerful qualities.

Book 4: Hard Foods
The way our body requires hard foods to develop and mature, likewise, our spirits need hard spiritual content to grow. This book has chunks for strengthening hearts and minds. The stuff therein is rich in wisdom though tough. I hope this book will make you stronger than you are. I pray God to give you insights as you interact with this book.

Book 5: Change Your Perception
In our lives there is a lot of negativity that yoke us. At times we accept it as the right way of life. We live with burdens and challenges thinking there is no solutions for them. But the major problem is in our minds. The way we have conditioned them have reduced us to subjects of issues we can change. This book is about changing the mind. The issues discussed in this book are common to all of us. A change of a way of thinking results to a changed life and progress. I hope this book will influence lives of men and women in a constructive way.

Book 6: Noble Character Formation
Positive character traits of a person are essential in any development. Where the character is good chances of realising progress is high. In this book I explore qualities that those who long to lead good lives, build peaceful marriages and families and excel in their careers and businesses should incorporate in their daily lives. The virtues in this book are like pillars that supports a building.

Book 7: Examine Yourself
This book is like a mirror. It is intended to help men and women look at issues in their lives. Many are the times people do not take a look on their lives. A dust in other people lives bothers some individuals a lot and yet the same people have logs in their lives. The issues touched in this book occur to all men and women. This is a must read book for people looking forward to be better than they are.

Book 8: Touch Heaven Change Situations
This book is not for teaching people how to pray. The Holy Spirit is the one who teaches us how to pray. This book is about some issues that men and women need to pray for in their lives. Before I started writing this book God spoke to me about praying for these issues. Since in my mind I have never thought of writing a book to do with prayers I prayed personally for these issues. For more than three months these issues kept recurring in me and that is when I decided to write them down. I hope the spirit of God will magnify the wealthy hidden in these issues to men and women who will take a step of praying and declaring these issues in their lives. I strongly believe this book will change lives of men and women for good. I hope the issues I have discussed in this book will set lives, marriages, families and nations free.

Book 9: I have Good Thoughts for You
If you have ever being in a storm in your life this is your book. After reading this book you will not ask yourself again, “Where was God when my life, marriage, family, job or business was full of troubles.” If your life is in confusion and you think God has forgotten or abandoned you this is your book. This book clearly shows God cares for you and He has good thoughts for you. Life has so many emergency events. Some problems arise unexpected. This book is good for building a positive attitude and mindset that can handle anything that may arise in a person’s life. The grace in this book is enough for an individual to say, “Jehovah is with me; both in good and worst moments of life.”

Book 10: Fathers in Action
This book is all about fathers taking action for the sake of their children lives. If fathers can act they can define the path their children and generations will take. Fathers are endowed with special grace for their children but many are the times that anointing is not put in use or is misused. Fathers who neglect their roles regarding their children do die with untapped blessings and their children do suffer fatherhood kwashiorkor. There are so many things that fathers can do to better their children lives as discussed in this book. The biblical and real life situations used in this book touches every father in the world. There is a call for fathers to rise up and use their God given abilities to shape the future of their children and generations.

Book 11: A Great Worker
When we wake up in good health we go to work. Some of us are employed and others are in their businesses. The little things we do to earn a living are our jobs. The place we spend the day working is our workplace; whether in a farm, factory, business or in an office. When God is looking for people to use and bless in places of work, he looks on their character. The men and women God uses and blesses are the ones who walk with him in their workplaces. Do you have God in your place of work?

As Christians when we eliminate God in our jobs we chase away his favor and blessings. There are so many things in workplaces that make people do away with God. But, it is unfortunate that the same people pray God to bless them in those jobs. Can God send his grace where he is rejected? God is light and those who follow him should walk in light in their places of work for them to enjoy blessings of work. As workers we need to lead straight and holy lives in our workplaces if we want to taste Gods goodness in those places.

In the world today people are pointing on the failures of governments, organizations and their working environment as the root cause of their problems. But these are the same people who are government administrators, organization leaders and workers. As workers we need to know the perfume we carry to our workplaces dictates what we get in return. There is no single working environment that is bad. It is the attitudes and behaviors in places of work that spoil those places and kick God out.

It is true God has promised to bless the work of our hands but God does not look on the hands full of blood. A blessed work is not measured by the amount of money one earns but by the joy, peace and meaning one draws from it. God is able to allow us pursue unethical ways in our workplaces. He can enable us to gather wealth through unscrupulous means but he will make sure we do not feast on it at peace. “I have seen another thing in this life that is not fair and is very hard to understand. God gives some people great wealth, riches, and honor. They have everything they need and everything they could ever want. But then God does not let them enjoy those things. Some stranger comes and takes everything. This is a very bad and senseless thing. Ecclesiastes 61-2, ERV.”

When we are part of the vices, injustices and oppressions in many workplaces God hides his face from us. He does not see how we rise up early in the morning and the effort we put in our jobs. How many of us have made God blind in our lives because of the jobs we do every day? There is a need for us to learn what makes God bless some workers in our workplaces.

In this book we will learn some of the issues that that attract Gods approval in a workplace. I hope through this book we will understand where the darkness we experience in our workplaces comes from. We will know  the woes we get through our jobs. I hope God will speak to the lives of men and women through this book. May this book change our attitudes, mindsets and release amazing grace that will make us earn satisfaction in our jobs. The pains in our jobs will not be our portion again after interacting and allowing God to use this book to shape us. Let us deduce lessons from stories of great workers in the bible. We will learn values that made them earn favour in their workplaces.

Book 12: Indomitable Spirit
Winds at gale force are destructive. They break and bring down strong trees. But there are some trees that withstand its pressure. There is no one who can give a specific time when such a wind will blow. What make a tree to stand in times of strong winds are its internal structures; the deeper the roots the better. Likewise, in our lives when a bad day or pressure comes the condition of our hearts determines whether we will stand firm or not. This book is for building hearts of men and women so that they can stand firm in times of trouble. There is no single person who does not face a bad day or pressure. We should not be like Adam and Eve, Cain, Samson and other famous men and women who were brought down by issues that came in their lives. We should be like Jesus who was not crushed by the troubles he faced. Pains and bad days come and go. However, how one goes through or is left by those discomforts is very key in one’s life. How do the difficulties you face leave you? Does your spirit remain strong, clean and healthy after a bad day? I hope this book will be useful in your life.

Book 13: Why the Word of God?
The week our baby Serene was born I spent a good time in the corridors of the hospital waiting for her to be born. One day as I was waiting on the visitor’s room, a commotion arose in one of the birthing rooms. It was of a lady who had pulled out oxygen mask out of her face. The people who were around her came out running and shouting, “Doctor! Doctor come and save a life. There is a madam who want to kill herself.” The doctors responded on time and the whole thing was fixed again.

The following day that woman underwent caesarean section. Sadly, when she came out of theatre her left part of the body was paralyzed. As her people came to check on her they
were a disturbed lot. They knelt beside her bed and prayed for her healing. For three days I would find men and women in deep prayers around her. Unfortunately, she passed on. A
woman who hoped to go back home with a baby returned home as a corpse. But the baby was ok.

As I thought about that woman, a voice spoke to me and said, “The word of God is like the supplemental Oxygen that woman could not accept to get in her.” It is that voice that triggered me to package this book. In life many are the times we repel the word of God. We fail to know it is the word that holds our lives. It is outright truth that those who have no room for the word of God do paralyze their lives, marriages, families, jobs, businesses and all that concerns them. At the end of the day they end their lives and leave behind people around them in problems.

This book is all about why we need the word of God in our lives. I hope God will magnify every word in this book and use it to speak with you. Be blessed!

Book 14: Straighten Your Ways
Have you ever passed a road with several sharp twists? Such a road is always risky. While travelling on such a road people are always frightened. Near our home there is a road that passes there and it has such bends. It is at that point where large goods vehicles transporting goods to our neighboring countries roll. It is a very dangerous point, especially to vehicles on high speed. Not one person has lost his life there. Also large companies and business count loss when their vehicles overturn at that point.

We are living in a time when people are leading twisted lives. It is like the days of John the Baptist are replicated in people’s lives. We have a lot of crookedness in personal lives, marriages, families, jobs, businesses and leadership. The whole society fabric looks like a cloth dyed in illegality.

In life a crooked living is exactly unsafe like a warped road. The kinks in people’s lives do not lead them to a secure place. Crookedness makes one to tread on a slippery ground. One makes numerous strides in life but they all lead to where one started. It is good to straighten one ways to escape the jeopardies that come with curves in life.

This book is all about making one’s ways upright. The issues discussed in this book do touch daily lives of men and women. The words in this book are a hundred percent inspirational; they contain the immense grace of God. This is a book for people who want to lead peaceful lives and set a good course for their generations.

Book 15: Out of My Heart
The stories that touch a life and give men and women hope are the ones that talk about the kind of life that a person have ever lived. The hurdles a person have been able to jump carries grace and power for others. When such stories are recounted there is power which is kindled and it can propel men and women in overcoming their challenges. In this book I have shared several issues that I have gone through in my life. This book is about real life situations. The stories in this book are not legends. There are factual and are meant to help men and women in bettering their lives. This book is for people who want to imprint in their minds IT CAN BE DONE, IT IS POSSIBLE, IT CAN BE CHANGED and NO PAINFUL SITUATION IS PERMANENT. I hope the untold words in this book will stir men and women into action.

Book 16: Heart to Heart Talk
The desire of God is to have a heart to heart talk with us. He longs for us to pour our hearts to him in order for Him to fill our hearts with his words of life. He knows all the nasty issues in our hearts and He is able to take them from us. But we have to pour them to him. This book is a vessel that carries worries, concerns, troubles, name them, in people’s hearts to God, and it brings what is in the Gods heart to the people. Through this book the human heart transfers its content to God and receives the amazing grace of God. I hope every person who will interact with this book his or her heart will encounter divine healing, life rejuvenation and refreshment.

Book 17: A Friend of God
We all want God to intervene in issues that comes in our lives. When challenges hit our lives, marriages, families, jobs, businesses and our nations we call unto Him. But how many of us are friends of God? In a normal situation it is only friends who come to rescue a person when in troubles. The same with God, he knows how to pay his friends a visit while they are in problems or in situations that are not pleasing.

When God wanted to finish Sodom and Gomorrah he revealed what He was to do with those wicked cities to Abraham; his friend. Lazarus was a friend of Jesus. When he fell sick and died, Jesus was able to raise him from the dead. Can God do something in your life because of the friendship you have with him?

This book is all about things that God can do in our lives, marriages, families, jobs, businesses and nations if we become friends with him. Jesus came in our lives to make us friends with God. It was sins that had alienated us from God, our father. The blood of Jesus was not only meant to cleanse our sins but also to make us friends with God. Has Jesus brought you close to God?

If we want God to be our friend every day and help us in our needs we have to maintain a right walk with him. The way we mind our friendship with the people close to us likewise, we need to be considerate of our friendship with our Maker. If our friends can be helpful to us; what about the God who loves us unreservedly?

I hope the words in this book will speak to you more than they are speaking to me. May the grace of God in this book make your relationship with our Maker strong, healthy, meaningful and better. All those who go to God through Jesus, God relates with them as ‘HIS FRIENDS’.
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