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Requirement for Starting a Cyber Business

If you want to open a cyber café this is what you need;

1. Computers; For a small cyber café you need say 5 computers. Each computer should have say 150GB HDD, 3GHz and above speed and a RAM of not less than 2GB. Such a computer can cost between 12,000/= and 15, 000/=, so 60,000/= can be enough for 5 computers.

2. Printer; For startup go for Epson printers (with ink tank). Never be lured by cartridge printers. A good printer is between 23, 000/= and 25,000/=.

3. Router; this is for connecting the computers to the internet. TP-link Wi-Fi router is the best, with it you will connect your computers and be able to set-up your own WIFI. TP-link Wi-Fi router costs between 3,300/= and 3,500/=.

4. Modem; this is where you will input your sim card. Buy a universal modem. This is because the internet quality may change. For example, I have a Safaricom modem which does not help me. This is because Safaricom internet is very slow where I operate from. A universal modem helps you test the fast internet in your area. In my area Airtel is the best!

5. Network Cables; these are for connecting computers to the internet. This can cost around 1500/=. To get them at a lower cost buy them where you will buy computers.

6. Chairs: armless plastic chairs are the best, each can cost around 700/=

7. Tables: Buy tables that resemble high school lab tables. With 15,000/= you have tables that can accommodate 5 computers and a printer. When buying tables customize them according to how your space is.

8. Other things you will need are printer ink, photocopy papers, emboss papers, matte papers, glossy papers, paper cutter, laminating machine and pouches, binding papers and tape, camera, envelopes, stapler and staples.

Those are the basic things you need to have! Let us meet in the next post!

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