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Basics of Email

An email message is a message sent between users through a network such as the internet.

You can use mobile, laptop, or desktop devices to compose, send, and receive email (short for “electronic mail”).

Email is one of the most widely used digital tools and one of the first to have really changed how people communicate. Early email was followed by online chat systems, and now, of course, there is instant messaging.

Emails help us send documents, images, spreadsheets, and other types of files.

An email address may be required when you make online purchases like on Jumia, register for social media accounts like Facebook and many other online services like KRA pins, or activate new software.

To compose, send, and receive emails, both you and the recipient need an email account and an email address—that is, an internet address consisting of both a username and domain name like david@davidodigitalsolutions.com, john@yahoo.com, mose@gmail.com.

Email clients are programs installed on your device, such as Microsoft Outlook and Email services, like Yahoo mail, Gmail, Yandex, Zoho Mail, Proton Mail, iCloud among others are accessed directly online. Email clients and services offer the same basic functions to users.

Most email services allow you to choose your username, make sure you choose a username that will give people a good impression of you as a professional.

If you want to create a new email account, you can do so with an email client like Microsoft Outlook or through free online services such as Gmail or Yahoo.

To determine whether a formal or informal tone is best in an email, you need to identify your audience. Professional communications, like those with a school or workplace, would call for a more formal email, whereas a personal email to friends or family members could be informal.

Email is just one of many communication channels available to users today, but it’s among the most important because it leaves a permanent record—so use it wisely!

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