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Documents required for admission in American universities

For Graduate Admission

Application Form: Complete the graduate application form provided by the university or through a centralized application system like the Graduate School Application.

Academic Transcripts: Submit official transcripts from all colleges and universities attended, including proof of degree conferral.

Standardized Test Scores:GRE or GMAT: Many graduate programs require either the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) or Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT).
English Proficiency Test: For international applicants, TOEFL or IELTS scores are often required.

Letters of Recommendation: Usually, 2-3 letters of recommendation from professors or professionals familiar with your academic work and potential are required.

Statement of Purpose or Personal Statement: Write a statement outlining your academic interests, career goals, and reasons for applying to the specific graduate program.

Resume or Curriculum Vitae (CV):Provide a detailed resume or CV highlighting your educational background, work experience, research projects, publications, and relevant skills.

Portfolio (for certain programs):Some programs, such as art, design, or architecture, may require a portfolio showcasing your creative work.

Application Fee: Pay the required application fee, unless eligible for a fee waiver.

Additional Documents (Varies by Program and Institution)

Interviews: Some programs may require interviews as part of the admissions process.

Financial Documentation: For international students, proof of financial support may be required to obtain a visa.

Specific Program Requirements: Certain programs (e.g., medical school, law school) may have additional specific requirements for admission.

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