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Letters of Recommendation for graduate admission

Letters of recommendation are an important component of your graduate school application, especially for international students. These letters provide insights into your academic abilities, character, and potential for success in graduate studies.

Here's a guide on securing strong letters of recommendation for your graduate admission

1. Choose the Right Recommenders

Academic Sources: Select professors, research advisors, or academic mentors who can speak to your academic performance, intellectual abilities, and potential for graduate-level work.

Professional Sources (if applicable): If you have relevant work experience, consider including a supervisor or employer who can attest to your skills and qualities relevant to your chosen field.

2. Request Letters Early

Plan Ahead: Contact potential recommenders well in advance (at least 4-6 weeks before deadlines) to provide them with sufficient time to write a thoughtful letter.

Provide Information: Share information about the programs you are applying to, your academic and professional achievements, and why you are interested in pursuing graduate studies.

3. Provide Necessary Materials

Resume/CV: Share an updated resume or curriculum vitae (CV) highlighting your academic background, research experiences, publications (if any), internships, and extracurricular activities.

Transcript: Provide a copy of your academic transcript to help recommenders understand your academic performance.

4. Personal Statement

Share Your Goals: If you have already written a personal statement, share it with your recommenders. This will help them understand your motivations and career aspirations.

5. Communicate Clearly

Instructions: Provide clear instructions regarding the submission process, deadlines, and any specific requirements of the graduate programs.

Reminders: Send gentle reminders closer to the deadline to ensure recommenders submit their letters on time.

6. Follow Up

Express Gratitude: Once your recommenders have submitted their letters, send a sincere thank-you note expressing your appreciation for their support.

Keep in Touch: Stay in touch with your recommenders and keep them updated on your admission decisions and academic progress.

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